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Offers not converting? Try these 7 tweaks to make more sales

When it comes to selling your online digital products, it's the small tweaks that often make the biggest difference. This is why it's so important to hone that underlying strategy and make those adjustments, otherwise you just won't see the big results that you're always hearing about. In today's episode, I'm sharing 7 tweaks to help you make more sales of your online course, membership or group program—and they may be different to what you think. - The importance of understanding your audience—not just on the surface, but diving deep into what makes them tick. - How addressing the Magician's Gap will not only drive your content creation but will help your audience with their decision to buy during cart open. - Why talking in "expert language" can cause a disconnect with your audience—and what language to use instead. - How collecting testimonials as social proof can instantly connect with your audience (if they're written in a way that leverages their value). - How gauging your audience's "warmth" will help you decide how to grow your audience between launches. SHOW LINKS: - DM me "MAGIC" on Instagram ( to join the Launch Magic waitlist or visit - Get my Daily Biz Booster emails: - 5 Simple Tweaks to Boost Your Launch Profits: - Want me to spend a day working on your next launch? Book a VIP intensive: - Get The A-Z Podcast Launch Plan: - Get a 30-day free trial of Kajabi: Let's be Instagram friends:

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