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The biggest takeaways from 800 episodes of this show (Part 1)

This is the 800th episode of "Imperfect Action"! I've learned so much along the way about business, as well as what works and what doesn't work in the ever-changing online world. In today's episode, I'm sharing my biggest lessons and takeaways along with the things that have moved the needle most for me and our listeners. - The most common reasons why people may be looking but not buying your offer (and it may not be what you think!). - Why creating content is still a super effective way to grow your audience and nurture them to be ready to buy from you. - How launching with a smaller audience can be very profitable and 5 ways you can make it even better. - Why not having enough time is more about what you're prioritising—and what you're not. - The 4 reasons why you may be struggling to make consistent sales in your business. SHOW LINKS: - Episode #474: 7 reasons people will look but not buy. Tune in to this episode here . - Episode #517: 5 ways to make content creation less time-consuming. Check out the direct link here. - Episode #519: 5 things that matter more than audience size in your next launch. Find out more here. - Episode #560: How I prioritise my tasks and find time to take action on the things that matter. Listen to this episode here. - DM me “CC” on  Instagram ( or visit to join the waitlist for the next round of Conversion Campaigns membership enrolments. - Episode #564: You're limiting your sales with these 5 common mistakes. Learn how to fix them here. Let's be Instagram friends:

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