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The practical ways I avoid overwhelm in my business

Feeling overwhelmed by all of the things that *need* to be done is one of the biggest challenges that I know many business owners struggle with—regardless of where they are in the business. In today's episode, I'm sharing 6 practical things that I do to avoid that feeling of overwhelm. - The simplest way to wade through all of those "to-do thoughts" that are floating around your head. - Why trying to figure out all of the steps before you start a project will only leave your head spinning (and the framework you can use instead). - How using calendar blocking as a way to be realistic about your productivity will help you stay on track and actually get done what needs to be done. - Why some things on your to-do list *never* get done and what you can do with them instead. - The importance of planning your goals and direction and then prioritising what actually matters. SHOW LINKS: - Want to learn more about Sunsama? Use this link for a free 30 day trial: - DM me “EMM” on Instagram ( for my free download “Escape the Messy Middle” or visit - Get my Daily Biz Booster emails: - 5 Simple Tweaks to Boost Your Launch Profits: - Want me to spend a day working on your next launch? Book a VIP intensive: - Get The A-Z Podcast Launch Plan: - Get a 30-day free trial of Kajabi: Let's be Instagram friends:

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