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Forget features and benefits—THIS is what you need to talk about in a launch

We're often taught that marketing is about selling the features and benefits, but launching a digital product takes a lot more than this. In today's episode, we dive into the strategy behind launching your product on a deeper level. In this episode we cover the following: - Looking beyond the 'features and benefits' mindset - The importance of educating your audience - The solution your container holds - Addressing the benefit:risk ratio - Squashing the transformation doubters... SHOW LINKS: - Get my Daily Biz Booster emails: - 5 Simple Tweaks to Boost Your Launch Profits: - Want to join Launch Magic, sign up to my waitlist here: - Want me to spend a day working on your next launch? Book a VIP intensive: - Get The A-Z Podcast Launch Plan: - Get a 30-day free trial of Kajabi: Let's be Instagram friends:

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