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Audio Coffee: A Major Key to Actually Changing

In this Audio Coffee episode, I’m riffing on how to shift through moments of discomfort and choose differently.  As a highly sensitive person, I find that discomfort hits me on a deeper than average level. I know I’m certainly not alone in this. It’s normal to want to shift ourselves back into the comfort zone when things get a little tense.  Whether it be an emotion we haven’t processed or a belief that is popping up just as we’re about to do something new and different. However, this is also the thing that keeps us stuck and eventually wears away at our self-esteem. I’ve been doing a little practice for the last few days that has really shifted what I choose for myself on a daily basis. It’s a simple, easy to remember, totally free thing. Is it the end all be all? Nope. Not a chance. Does it help shift things towards the better? Yes.   Items I riff on today… A little update on your host and the RRP.Understanding and respecting the process of change.The key to choosing differently in moments of discomfort.Balancing logic and “woo-woo” (masculine and feminine).Staying the course through change.Why progress (which is inherently imperfect) equals happiness.And of course, a card pull. :)  Journal Prompts:  What fear is coming up in this moment of discomfort?What would I have to believe about myself for this to be true?How is holding on to this belief protecting/serving me?What is a more supportive and more true belief I can begin to step towards?What do I need right now? I hope this episode was helpful! I’d love your feedback on the format for the Audio Coffee you enjoy most. Plus whatever else you’d like to see! You can email me at or DM me on Instagram @realrebelpodcast. Show Notes: Patreon: I think you’re just a beautiful human. Love you lots and lots! Your Host,

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