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Why Your Life is Falling Apart - The Journey of Self-Realization with Kiley Redhead

If you’ve felt unmotivated, uninspired, untethered, apathetic, like you’ve lost all connection to your previous passions and your life is falling apart… welcome friend. You are walking alongside a mass of souls who are coming back home. The intention behind this episode is to support you on that journey. To help you feel a little less alone, and to bring clarity and understanding to exactly what’s going on, why it’s happening, and what might be coming up next. Kiley Redhead has been a mentor of mine for over 7-years and recently guided me through one of the most challenging and transformative times of my life thus far. The journey back home to myself. What she calls, the journey to self-realization. In this episode, we both share our experience moving through the most difficult phase of the journey to self-realization. What I lovingly refer to as, “the pressure cooker.” A few things we dive into on this episode… What is self-realization?Why do we go through it?The feeling of a complete loss of passion and motivationIdentity lossThe loneliness phaseShame around “failing” at lifeLimbo land and how to get outCommitment to intuitive knowingsNo longer abandoning the selfThe key to moving through the journey with easeI truly hope you find solace in this episode. Shedding away an entire lifetime of stories and ways of being is no joke. It will test you on every level and open up all of your deepest wounds. And, you signed up for this. It’s why you’re here. You wouldn’t have come if you didn’t know you could handle it. Just know that if your life feels like it’s falling apart, you’re not wrong, you’re not making a mistake, and you are on what will be one of the most rewarding journies of your life. The key takeaways? Trust and allow. You can find Kiley’s Offerings at The New School for Inspired Work. And everything I offer in the way of support at

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