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Audio Coffee: Exhaustion and Rest

In this Audio Coffee episode, I’m riffing on exhaustion. I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about just how exhausted they’ve been feeling, and personally have been feeling it too.  There’s nothing wrong with feeling exhausted. Anything we feel is simply a message from our body or soul letting us know what it needs. The trouble comes from the inner narrative we’ve been taught that says rest is a bad thing, and that we should push ourselves to always be performing and producing. This does not allow any space for the human experience. This is the programmed narrative for a cog in the industrial machine that is capitalism.  You are not a machine. This has been a tough couple of years. If you’re exhausted, you’re a normal human. And feeling exhausted does not mean you have failed. It means you are awake.   Items I riff on today… Global exhaustionEnergy waves and the Shumen scaleEnergy upgrades and ascensionThe message/lesson from the Universe Call to the feminineBoundary check-inShow Notes: Patreon: Ok you human. I think you’re great. Whether you’re exhausted or full of beans. Wherever you are, you’re not wrong for being there.  Remember to listen intently for the messages coming through. And when you hear them, act. Whether that be a nap, a moment of stillness, a walk in nature, or a naked dance around your house to the latest Jay-Z track. Just give yourself what you need. You’re a human. Your Host, Katie B

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