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Audio Coffee: Rising Into Sovereignty

In this Audio Coffee episode, I’m riffing on sovereignty and power. In the world today we can see two things happening in contrast to each other. A rise in fear and a rise in love. Which means what we’re witnessing, is people giving up their sovereignty as a result of being consumed by the fear narrative. There is a lack of trust in the self and trust in our own innate soul wisdom and power. It also means that we are also seeing people activated into their light. We are seeing people being called to and stepping into their power and their sovereignty, and reconnecting with the truth that above all else, they can trust themselves. This episode is meant to remind you of your own. If you feel called to your bigness, called to step into your magic and offer your medicine to this world, now is the time. And you ARE ready. Items I riff on today… Our sovereignty and innocence are waiting.The mix of structure and magic.Taking up the space designed for you.How we are taught to mistrust ourselves.The reclamation of our trust and sovereignty.Trusting our medicine, giving it, and not looking back.When to receive (feminine energy) vs seek (masculine energy).Stepping into your bigness.An awesome card pull (pictured below) and much more!See full show notes: Patreon: You know what I’m going to say. I love your face. Whatever it is you feel called to step towards in this next chapter, I implore you to muster up whatever courage you’ve got and just trust that it’s enough. Not only are you enough, you are designed to be here. Your Host, Katie B

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