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The Next Time You Hear From Me...

I thought I would be able to produce this podcast every Tuesday, while also bringing forward everything else. Turns out my capacity is even lower than I thought these days. I feel you might be able to relate? Oof.  So, I'm putting the RRP into dormancy (a bit of a nap time) while I sink into creator mode and give my nervous system the space it needs.  The next time you hear from me will be when I have some new things to share with your lovely self. Today I riff on... Diminished/selective capacityWhat happens when our old programming is no longer runningRefusing to play the capitalistic gameCreating from a place of beingSlow and conscious conception and birth of creative dreamsRushing and forcing the birth processLeaning into trustIf you're riding the same wavelength as me, I have a good question you can ask yourself...  What would it feel like and look like to live life from a state of being, and trusting that was enough? And what would I have to believe to be blocked from that becoming a reality? Ok, I love your face. Really. Like a lot. I have so much respect and deep gratitude for this beautiful RRP crew. See you soon(ish)! Your host, Katie B

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