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My Spiritual Fairy Godmother - Lynnette Duncan from Oracle of Your Soul

Care to join me in a conversation with my Spiritual Fairy Godmother? This episode marks the 4th one of transition month and it is jam-packed with so much wisdom from one of my favorite humans of all time. Lynnette Duncan (@oracleofyoursoul) is a Life Purpose Astrologer, Energy & Empowerment Coach, and Spiritual Strategist. She has been by my side for many a meltdown and is one of the most nurturing and grounding presences. We dive into so much on this episode. - Why we will be experiencing a deepening in self-identity - What spiritual beliefs keep us stuck - Why inner-security is a theme for 2022 - Authenticity's role in the ascension process - Embodying the higher-self - Lynnette’s secret to manifestation - Being in a constant state of creation - The new baseline frequency - And so, so much more. I hope you enjoy this very casual chat during this very messy and casual time on the RRP. You can find Lynnette at the links below… Instagram: @oracleofyoursoul Website: I love your face. Your host, Katie B

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