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External Narrative vs. Internal Truth - Solo Episode

Just to warn you, this episode is a powerful one. Nourishing... but powerful. Originally, according to my calendar, today was supposed to be the reveal of the changes I've been working on behind the scenes. However, the project has called for more creative space. So I'm giving it. In this episode, I touch on... - Energetic exhaustion - The alchemy of quiet time - The draining nature of certain external narratives - Distraction as a tool for control - Reconnecting to our internal truth - Why our creative expression is so important at this time - The reconnection to personal sovereignty - And a little update on the coming weeks Thank you so much for hanging in there as I traverse the messiness of this time of transition. I cannot WAIT to share what I have cooking for you. Lots of big warm hugs and kisses on the face. Your Host, Katie B

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