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The Mushy Middle - A Casual Chat with my Dear Friend Jac

To be completely honest, transition month between RRP and what it is becoming has been a challenge for me. The mushy middle of metamorphosis always is. In today’s episode, my very dear friend Jac and I riff on all things change. The scary steps we must take if we want to live in alignment, the last 1% of decision making being the hardest, the self-doubt that is inherent in almost all change, and the state of flow we enter once we click into and act on the truth of our inner-knowing. Jac has been with me throughout the entirety of this crazy ride so I thought she would be the perfect person to have on. This episode is like sitting on the couch joining us for a chat. We talk about… - The floatiness of change - Carving space out to fully express - The healing in showing up authentically - Why the last 1% of change is the hardest - Change portals - Going back and forth in decision making - Why it all comes down to inner-trust - The importance of community that is in the same arena - Why I’m making these shifts within the podcast - A sneak peek into the vibe of what’s to come - And lots of other fun and casual riffing. You can find Jac on Instagram @jacquelineparker I hope you enjoy this 3rd and final full episode of transition month as we inch closer and closer to the reveal. I am both terrified and very excited. I love your face. Your host, Katie B

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