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Thirza Voysey: Horse Guided Healing

In this episode, I talk with Thirza Voysey founder of Soul Farm, Equine Therapy Intuitive and Guide, and author of The Wild In Us. Thirza and I met in a really random way on one of the trails of the island we live on. I ended up going to her farm and getting a little taste of the power and beauty of horse therapy. That day I got a glimpse into what was once just a dream manifested into reality.  In this episode, you’ll hear about how she went from working 9-5 to moving her entire life and family to a small island and venturing into a vocation that she had no experience in. Thirza is a beautiful example of what can happen when we follow our hearts. That being said, as you know, the road was not without its bumps and detours which she shares super openly and honestly about.  Some topics we touch on… What horse therapy is and what it looks like.Why horses are so good at balancing energy.How to trust our heart nudges.Committing to following your heart.Self-doubt and feeling like giving up.Guilt when choosing to follow your dreams.Trust falling into your dreams.What happens when the first 3 chakras are blocked.Stepping into your power and being BIG.What vibrational bounce is.Why horses work in the divine feminine.Disassociation and why it’s so common.Plus an introduction of the horses!I hope you’re inspired by this episode and feel a little less alone on your journey to whatever your version of Soul Farm is. Patreon: Show Notes: Lots of love as always! Your Host, Katie B

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