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Janne Robinson: Untrap Yourself with Truth

In this episode, I talk with the incomparable Janne Robinson for a second time and it was such a rich and varied conversation. Janne originally came on in 2019 in an episode called Speaking Truth Unapologetically where we spoke about her upbringing, living in a place that resonates with the soul, how she came to her creative work, discernment and worth in relationships, and much, much more. Janne is a wild at heart, eyes to the sky, feet on the ground kind of woman. Her capacity to show up truthfully and vulnerably is a gift cherished and enjoyed by all of those who enter her orbit. She is a poet, a coach, champion for truth, and all-around deeply inspiring human.  Some topics we touch on… EMDR Therapy and why Janne thinks it’s one of the most effective out there.Why travel is tough for her as a highly sensitive person (HSP).The benefits of starting your day with a bath.Her experience with beginning to heal the Mother wound.How we are shifting into the Matriarchy.The feminine practices Janne is integrating into her daily routine.Her experience with hiring/finding the right team.An extremely expansive story of money and abundance.Relationships, falling in love, and finding your human.Entrepreneurs and love.Entrepreneurs and self-care.Why Janne is waking up at 5:00 am and its relation to the Ayurvedic doshas.Money, manifestation, and reprogramming the subconscious.How she faces and integrates self-doubt.Healing the shame around sharing and expressing the spectrum of human emotion.And so much more! I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did recording it. There is so much to be gleaned from Janne’s wisdom and this is definitely one to keep coming back to. You will learn something new each time. Lots and lots of love as always! Your Host, Katie B Full show notes: Links + Mentions Instagram: @jannerobinson Website: Book: This Is For The Women Who Don't Give A F**k Program: Previous Episode: Speaking Truth Unapologetically EMDR Therapy Peter Levine Suzy Batiz Jeff Brown Gay Hendricks Wim Hof Tofino Modo Yoga LA Elephant Journal Rae-ann Wood-Shatz Simon Sinek __________________________________ Sign up for the RRP Patreon! Get monthly exclusive content reserved for Patreon members only.

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