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Audio Coffee: Holding Yourself Tenderly Through Change

Another Audio Coffee recorded in the great outdoors! If you’re in the midst of a big scary change, this episode is for you. In this Audio Coffee episode, I’m riffing on the messy uncomfortable feelings that often accompany big scary changes. In full honesty, it was a bit tough for me to record this episode as I’m going through a big change myself. However, I also feel it’s true that we’re never more connected to the feelings of an experience than when we’re actually in it.  This episode is meant to be like a big hug and a reminder that you’re a courageous and awesome human, and just because change can be a bit messy and more than a bit scary, doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong. I hope my humanness makes you feel less alone in your humanness. Plus, a guest appearance by a grasshopper, a buzzing bee, and a floatplane!  Items I riff on today… The feelings that often accompany big changes.How nature communicates with us.Why big change is often preceded by a feeling of being small.What to expect during big life changes.The important role curiosity plays.Rockets of desire and the shedding process that accompanies it.How I tell an intuitive nudge vs a nudge from my mind.Journal Prompts:  What does my body need to feel supported right now?Why did I decide to make this change in the first place?What is the narrative in my mind right now? Is it helpful?What is a more supportive narrative I could tell myself?Can I come to a place of acceptance for what is and receptiveness for what will be?What am I excited about when looking to the future?I hope you found this episode helpful. And if you’re not going through a big life change and otherwise feelin’ jazzy, then be on your merry way and know that this is here if you ever need it. Patreon: Show Notes: I love your face. As always. Your Host, Katie B

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