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Audio Coffee: Spring Integrity Cleanse

Today I join you from outside where you will hear birds chirping, the wind flowing, and spring in full bloom. If you’re feeling like you're a bit stuck and need a refresh, this is your episode. In this Audio Coffee episode, I’m riffing on integrity cleansing for spring. I recently recorded an episode with Martha Beck in anticipation of her new book The Way of Integrity (available for pre-order now and due out April 13th, 2021), and was so inspired by the idea of integrity cleansing. In essence, it’s about checking in with your soul and seeing what in your life is in alignment and what isn’t. What drains you and what doesn’t. In Lee Harris’s most recent energy update he spoke about April being a month of brightness and lightness as well as fast and full of opportunities. Which makes it a perfect time for something like an integrity cleanse. Items I riff on today… Reaching “the enough point.”Shedding winter energy and working with spring energy.What an integrity cleanse is.Journal prompts to get you started.What to do if you’re stuck and afraid of leaping.What it looks like to gaslight yourself.Becoming the adult you need.Being mindful of whose filter of approval we run our decisions through.Two helpful tools/states of awareness when doing an integrity cleanse.A wildly on-point card pull.Journal Prompts:  Where am I out of integrity in my life?What things give me energy and what things drain me?Where am I not asking to the best of my knowledge?Where in my life am I settling and/or gaslighting myself?Patreon: Show Notes: Your Host, Katie B

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