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Kylie McBeath: Reconnecting to the Womb

In this episode, I talk with the lovely Kylie McBeath and as you’ll hear, it kind of blows my mind. Which in itself is an understatement. The transformation I experienced from integrating what she shared was quite profound and life-changing. Kylie is, well, simply a wonderful human. She is also a Mentor, Writer, Earth Guardian, Medicine Woman, Mystic, co-founder of Zura Health, and co-host of the Zura Health Podcast. This isn’t the first time I chatted with Kylie (it’s technically the 4th - but you’ll hear all about that in the episode), we also have another episode together that aired in 2019. Which, if you want to check out, is linked in the show notes. A few things we talked about today… The profoundly transformative initiation she went through in Sedona.Why it’s essential we reclaim the feminine principle.The importance of honoring the womb and how to start.Shame around and sexuality and sensuality.Why she went on a “No Man Diet” for five months.Why we’re so disconnected from our bodies and the repercussions of it.The (very common) survival relationship pattern she broke.How distorted sexual energy influences relationships.How the shadow masculine and feminine have been existing together.Why we judge the “woo-woo” and talk of connecting to the womb.How many of our spiritual models are rooted in patriarchy.Why support is so key when reconnecting to our body and womb.How women are reflections of Mother Earth and why we hold the bar of integrity.And MUCH, much more.As you’ll hear in my very excited response to Kylie’s beautiful wisdom, this episode holds so many activations for deep transformation. Plus, she’s just an awesome human. I hope you glean as much from it (and more) as I did. Patreon: Show Notes: Your Host, Katie B

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