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Audio Coffee: Your Desires Are Valid

If you feel stuck, unmotivated, uninspired, and like you can’t seem to find your zest for life, this episode is for you. In this Audio Coffee episode, I’m riffing on a few different things that have helped me shift my perspective and get a new dose of inspired energy. I’m also recording from a back field in my Jeep. So that’s fun. :) It’s so important to remember that we’re still living in circumstances (and have been for a while now) that are out of the norm, to say the least. Which means, if you’re still a little stuck or not exactly feeling like yourself, it’s totally normal. Be easy on yourself. Items I riff on today… Why it’s normal to feel “off” right now.My journey to a new place.Why we get stuck in ruts.How we can shift our perspective.What happens when we don’t validate our desires.The power of exploring new things.A few ideas to bring in new energy.A (hopefully) soothing reminder to close out.Plus an awesome card pull for your week.Journal Prompt: What would my life look like if I trusted and committed to my desires? Patreon: Show Notes: Lots of love as always. Your Host, Katie B

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