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Audio Coffee: The Overwhelm of New Beginnings

If you feel overwhelmed with ideas, things to do, inspirations to follow, and just the disorientation that can sometimes come with a new beginning, this episode is for you. In this Audio Coffee episode, I’m riffing all on the overwhelm that can often accompany new chapters in life. Whether it be a new career, a relationship, life as a newly single human, a move to a new place, or whatever else, chances are there’s a lot going on. Making it really easy to slip into self-doubt, burnout, and old patterns we thought we’d dealt with long ago. I hope this episode helps you find a bit of inner space and rootedness while you dance in the seas of your new beginning. Before you know it you’ll be sure-footed and well on your way. Items I riff on today… What to do when we’re stuck and uninspired (our new beginning isn’t here yet).The unspoken societal timelines that create invisible pressure.The important role self-acceptance plays.What to do when overwhelm and self-doubt surface.Letting go of how everything unfolds.A slow-motion exercise you can do.Being honest about whether or not we’re actually doing the work.And a beautiful and encouraging card pull.Journal Prompt: Am I really doing the work? Sending you all the love and encouragement on this new beginning you’re embarking upon. Remember, before we learned how to crawl, walk, and talk we had no idea how to do it. And now look at us! ;) Show Notes: Patreon: Lots and lots of love. Your Host, Katie B

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