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Deborah Hanekamp: The Freedom of Demanifestation

In this episode, I talk with the lovely Deborah Hanekamp, also known as Mama Medicine. Deborah is a pretty magical human, and our chat will be nourishing for anyone feeling a little pressured and stuck at the moment. A few things we riff on… Demanifestation - what it is and why it’s importantThe in-between spaces in lifePressure from the spiritual communityHow she succeeded in her workBurning out and slowing downThe challenge of being seenWhat to do when you want to give upThe importance of “following the work”An incredibly DREAMY bath recipeAnd much, much more.Deborah has had quite the journey to get to where she is today. I love her transparency in telling the real truth of her story. Ups, downs, endings, beginnings, triumphs, and “failures”, and how she transformed through it all and continued to show up. It sends the message that just because you’re having a hard time, or find yourself in an in-between place, doesn’t mean that’s the end of your story. Deborah’s calling is to support people through a healing modality she transmits called Medicine Readings. She also has a beautiful book out called Ritual Baths as well as a  membership called Space by Mama Medicine.  She has been mentioned by the likes of Vogue, The New York Times, Women’s Wear Daily, and many other incredible publications. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did recording it. You will fall in love with Deborah. I can pretty much guarantee it. :) Show Notes: Patreon: Your Host,  Katie B

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