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Audio Coffee: Taking Imperfect Action

If you feel a little stuck and like you can’t seem to make progress on that creative dream or idea, or any area of life really, then this episode is for you. In this Audio Coffee episode, I riff on the power of taking imperfect action. It’s a normal thing to get caught up in the illusion that we’re making progress when we’re digesting information. Whether it be books, podcasts, blogs, online courses, all of it’s wonderful, but if it’s not followed up with some sort of action nothing seems to shift. The key is to give ourselves the freedom of not only allowing our action to be imperfect, but almost expecting it. This way we give ourselves lots of wiggle room and a major pressure release to actually be a human when it comes to making a change in our life. Items I riff on today… How information overload can cause a freeze reaction.Why digesting information doesn’t always mean actual change.How we can take imperfect action.Some good old-fashioned encouragement.And a card pull that will either knock your socks off or fill your boots with fire.I hope you enjoyed this episode which was recorded during a snow storm on the fly with a guest appearance made by the heater. What can I say, it was cold! Lots of love. Your Host, Katie B Patreon: Show notes:

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