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Audio Coffee: Self-Doubt Before Change

In this Audio Coffee episode, I riff on the self-doubt the inevitably comes before change. It’s so important to remember that self-doubt is a normal human reaction to change, to starting something new. Especially if that thing is asking us to expand our edges of what we’re comfortable with. Don’t get lost looking at people’s highlight reels. Remember, anyone who’s done anything that has personally pushed their boundaries, has felt self-doubt. So, if you’re standing on the precipice of a new beginning and feel the inner rumblings of repetitive stories and old patterns, take a moment and tune in. Items I riff on today… Why self-doubt pops up before new beginnings.The difference between gut feelings and mind chatter.A wicked rocket ship metaphor.The power of momentarily standing still.The one thing you need before you step forward.And a VERY on-point card pull.Thank you so much for tuning in as always. I hope you found this episode helpful and that you take your self-doubt as the ultimate sign you’re on the edge of expansion. Patreon: Show Notes: Lots of love. Your Host, Katie B

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