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Sarah Sapora: Being Okay Not Being Okay

In this episode, I talk with Sarah Sapora who is one of the most raw and vibrant people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. We all could use a little support this year. With 2020 bringing many of us into a dark night of the soul it helps to have someone willing to speak about it openly and honestly. Sarah does just that. We talk about… The truth about being in isolationHow to find peace during a dark night of the soulWhy we revert back to old trauma patterns during stressWhy it’s ok to be low performing right nowPreforming in order to receive love and acceptanceSelf-worth wrapped up in people-pleasingCodependency in work and relationshipsThe difference between doing deep work vs. performing deep workHow to be ok not being okAnd lots moreSarah is a self-proclaimed size-inclusive face for self-development, self-love mentor, level 1 Kundalini yoga teacher, storyteller, and teacher who has been recognized by TIME, The Today Show, Women’s Health, Wanderlust, People, Business Insider, and many more. To me, Sarah is a vibrant human full of honest wisdom she’ll happily share with whoever might need to hear it. I hope you’ll be able to connect to her raw truth and leave this episode feeling a little less alone. Show Notes: Patreon: Lots of love as always, Your Host - Katie B

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