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Audio Coffee: Are You Facing True North?

If you’re a little unclear on your direction, feel a bit stuck, or are about to make some big moves in life this episode is for you. In this Audio Coffee episode, I riff on our True North and the importance of checking in with it before taking steps forward. Our True North is that part of us that always remains true. That part that we keep coming back to over and over again. It is woven into our DNA and whenever we align ourselves with it, whenever we are in integrity with our True North, life just tends to flow with ease.  The trouble comes when we tip the scales a few degrees off what feels true to us and start living a life that doesn’t really feel like our own. Like something is missing. I hope this episode can help you connect back into your True North. Or TN if I’m being super cool. A few things I riff on in this episode… What our True North is.The difference between our intuition and our True North.What it feels like to be in our True North space.How checking into your True North will help you move forward.A way to check in with your True North.What happens when we let other people’s opinions guide our direction.The question you can ask yourself to check-in.What it looks/feels like when we’re out of integrity.A check-in with all of your chakrasAnd a (quite soothing) card pull from the NEW Sacred Destiny Oracle deckI hope you find this episode helpful. It’s no big secret that it’s a good idea to slow down and check-in before we make big steps or changes in life. However, sometimes it helps to have the reminder to actually do it. I will leave you with this one question. What would facing your True North look and feel like for you? Patreon: Show Notes: Lots and lots of love as always. Your Host, Katie B

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