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Audio Coffee: Nervous System Soothe

If you find yourself ready for the new beginning yet a little pressured and overwhelmed, this might be just the remedy.  In this Audio Coffee episode, I riff on the importance of creating energetic space both within and around us. When we’re moving throughout our day from a space of pressure, expectation, and fear, ultimately we contract and cut ourselves off from our own power. Not to mention exhaust ourselves and have a tough time in the process. This episode is all about slowing down and soothing the nervous system so we can create some space to connect back to our hearts. It’s about letting go of the “nose to the grindstone” mental construct and embracing the power of the heart. A few things I riff on in this episode… Mercury in retrogradeThe seeds planted in 2020How I unplug from the chaos energyHow I start my mornings in an “expectation-free zone”How we meet chaos with chaos and create more chaosCreating a pressure-free space for creativityWhat I do during the day to create that spaciousnessThe blanket I like to sit on (for those curious)A question you can ask yourself when making decisions Creating inner and outer space (your “peace zone/bubble”)And of course a good old fashioned card pullI hope this episode soothes your nervous system and reminds you to connect back to your beautiful self. Patreon Crew: Show Notes: Lots of love as always. Your Host,

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