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Audio Coffee: A Breath of Fresh Air

In this Audio Coffee episode, I riff about a few things. The main one being the desire for a breath of fresh air and a renewal of life force energy that many of us feel right now. I take you through a few questions you can ask yourself to help release what might be draining you and invite in some new energy. I also dive into choosing timelines and pull a card from the Starseed Oracle deck that was very much on point. A few things I riff on in this episode… The process of changing from masculine energy (the mind) to feminine energy (the heart)The question I am asking myself to help with this shiftBeing in flux/experiencing an identity shiftWhen you’ve lost life force energy Where to source life force energy when the world is shut down5 questions to bring more life force energy back into your lifeWhy we hang on to things that drain usChoosing timelinesAnd much moreI hope this episode was helpful or at the very least a little break in your day. Show Notes: Patreon: Lots of love as always. Your Host, Katie B

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