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Jeff Brown: The Gateway to Healing

If you feel stuck, overwhelmed, lost, and like you can’t shift through whatever pattern has a hold on you, this chat will prove to be incredibly helpful and deeply grounding. In this episode, I talk with the remarkable Jeff Brown. Jeff is an incredibly beautiful and powerful writer and is the author of 6 best-selling books. He has been featured on Good Morning America, CBS, NPR, Fox News, and ABC and continues to share his potent and transformational medicine with the world. A few things we talk about… The deep importance of being in our bodiesClearing generation traumaGuru controlThe integration processSacred purposePandemic exhaustionSelf-care during 2020Healthy anger releaseAnd MUCH more. My experience with Jeff left me feeling incredibly grounded and deeply seen. He has a presence that is undeniable and my hope is that you feel the same way after listening to this episode. Show Notes: Patreon: Lots of love as always! Your Host, Katie B

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