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Lynnette Duncan: A Reading on 2021

In this episode, Lynnette Duncan looks to the stars as well as does a tarot and oracle card reading for the year 2021 that you do NOT want to miss. After a bit of a bumpy ride in 2020 (putting it mildly), I thought it would be nice to get a glance into the year to come and couldn’t think of a better person to do it.  Lynnette is a Life Purpose Astrologer, Energy and Ascension Coach, and Spiritual Strategist and does astrological natal and transit readings. You might know her as @oracleofyoursoul on Instagram and if you don’t I highly recommend checking her out. I’m lucky enough to say that she has been a mentor of mine for a number of years now and I love her dearly. In this episode, we also talk about… What unlocked abundance for LynnetteHow to stay in flow stateThe foundational key to her spiritual journeyWhy listening to your heart instead of your head is key in the new energyWhat the age of Aquarius is all aboutThe difference between 3D, 4D, and 5D energyAscension symptomsWhy trust is the biggest message for 2021Lynnette’s perspective on DNA and crystalline energyWhy really doing the work is so importantWhat sovereignty is and why it’s important for 2021Why we won’t really get momentum until FebruaryHow synchronicity worksWhy we see repeating numberThere are SO many incredible takeaways from beginning to end of this episode. I highly encourage listening from start to finish. Show Notes: Patreon: Your Host, Katie B

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