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Debra Silverman: The Missing Element

In this episode, I talk with Debra Silverman who, I have to say, might just be one of my favorite humans of all time. Debra’s journey with astrology started in the Dentist chair and resulted in over 40-years of working professionally to help thousands of individuals achieve emotional health and wisdom based on their unique personality and the four elements: water, air earth, and fire. Which we dive deeper into in this episode. Spoiler alert, my missing element is earth and I am pretty much all air and water. As Debra lovingly put it, “we’re just two airheads having a chat". We talk about… Intuition vs. logicOut of body experiencesBeing stuck and how to trustDiving deeper into air and water signs All of the signs (air, earth, fire water)The 4 elements in crisisThe importance of staying awakeSlowing down and taking the pressure offThe important question you should ask yourselfAnd MUCH, much more. Also, at the time of this episode release, Debra is putting out a course called Inner View which a self-study version of her Applied Astrology course. If you resonated with this episode I highly recommend checking it out. Check out full show notes: Find us on Instagram: @realrebelpodcast Your Host - Katie B

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