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*Top Episode Series* Natalie Kuhn: Our True Home

For the next month, things are going to be a bit different over here at the RRP. *Enter dramatic music* In order to open up some creative space and forward some new ideas for the RRP Crew, I'm launching the "Top Episode Series". Regular programming will commence, so you'll still get your Audio Coffee episodes on Mondays, and your Guest Episodes on Wednesdays, however for the next 30-days they'll be the best of the best. The top 4 episodes of all time in each category. Very much looking forward to coming back with some fresh energy, ideas, and offers for all of you incredible humans! Lots and lots of love as always Your Host - Katie B    __________ In this episode, I talk with Natalie Kuhn VP of programming and one of the founding teachers of The Class by Taryn Toomey. If you’re looking for an episode that will ground you and lift you up at the same time, this is the one.  Usually, I like to dive into people’s stories and hear about the journey they’ve been on, however, this conversation just flowed into its own thing. And it was awesome. We talk about our True Home, the home within, and how to best support our body’s in order to have a clearer outlook on life. We also dive into how to BE in times of uncertainty, how to be with and transmute uncomfortable emotions, the importance of breathing and meditation, and many, many other good things.  Listening to Natalie is being like butter melting in a pan. It’s no wonder she does the work she does. I hope you enjoy this episode with the incredibly grounding, incredibly wise, and incredibly nourishing Natalie Kuhn. 

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