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What You Need to Know About Sexual Assaults with Susan Milligan

**A gentle warning, this episode discusses sexual assault and rape. If you are feeling vulnerable in this area, please consult with a doctor or mental health professional in your area. Or call the National Sexual Assault Hotline listed in the resources.** The statistics for sexual abuse and rape are absolutely sombering. An American is sexually assaulted every 93 seconds. And every 9 minutes, an American child is sexual abused. These numbers are truly horrifying and it leaves us with questions like "What can I do to help someone who has experienced sexual assault?" or "What do I need to know about sexual assaults to not allow my family members or friends to potentially become victims?" This is why I am so blessed to welcome Licensed Counselor Susan Milligan to the Warfare Parenting Podcast. Susan Milligan discusses what sexual assault is, what age are individuals abused the most often, and how many different forms sexual assault can take on so we can be prepared as parents to protect our children. Susan then explains who these abusers are and how it is often someone who is close to the victim: a teacher, ex-spouse, or a religious figure. She breaks down how "grooming" is often a big part of manipulating victims into these situations and how the grooming leads to assault and rape. However, Susan wants parents to know that we can't lose hope from these statistics, because there are so many resources available to both victims and their families to help them on the road to recovery. Who is Susan Milligan? Susan Milligan is a Counselor located in Little Rock, AR. Susan specializes in helping clients who have experienced trauma in their past. This trauma could have been a one-time event like an accident or a chronic series of events like abuse. Her clients seek therapy to deal with the negative impacts of these events on their lives, which can include frequent panic attacks, debilitative emotions, inability to form healthy relationships with others, and heavy feelings of shame or guilt.  Things We Talk About In This Episode: What is sexual assault really? What are the different forms that sexual assault can take on? Why is grooming such a big part of the abuse process, especially with victims that are under the age of 18? What is a trauma bond and why can it be so difficult for victims to break that bond? What are the long-term effects on a victim's mental health after they are sexually abused and how can we begin treating them? What should we do as parents to help keep our children safe from sexual abuse? Resources: Check out Susan's Website: www.freedomcounselingassociates.com Help is available Speak with someone today: 1-800-656-4673  

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