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Eating Disorder Expert Explains Ozempic, Anorexia, and When Picky Eating is a Big Deal (with Dr. Malka Sears)

This episode is JAM packed with important info about eating disorders.   We sat down with Dr. Malka Sears, a licensed clinical psychologist in NY and NJ providing high-quality evidenced based treatment, specializing in eating disorders, body dysmorphic disorder, body image, anxiety, and depression.   The conversation around eating disorders, the use of Ozempic for weight management, and the significance of picky eating is crucial as it highlights the complex interplay between mental health, medication, and dietary habits. Ozempic, originally a diabetes medication, has gained attention for its weight loss effects, raising concerns about its potential misuse among those with eating disorders like anorexia. Understanding picky eating extends beyond mere food preferences, as it can sometimes signify deeper psychological issues or developing eating disorders, necessitating greater awareness and intervention.   More about Dr. Malka here:   ____________________________________ ✬ Donate and Inspire Millions (Tax-Deductible) ✬   Your generous donation enables us at Living Lchaim to share uplifting messages globally, enrich lives, and foster positive change worldwide! Thank you! 🙏 ➡️   Listen to Podcast Therapy with Dr. Z:   Get MORE From Lchaim:   Free call-in-to-listen feature:  🇺🇸  USA: (605) 477-2100  🇬🇧  UK: 0333-366-0154  🇮🇱  ISRAEL: 079-579-5088    Have Questions, Comments, Concerns? We LOVE Feedback: WhatsApp us feedback and get first access to episodes: 914-222-5513 or email us at or   If you'd like to sponsor your business or company on That's An Issue Podcast, let's talk:   Lchaim.

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