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An Intro to Psychedelic Therapy (with Dina Beer)

In this episode, the Klestzicks explore as an introduction the innovative world of psychedelic therapy, discussing its potential benefits as well as the potential risks involved. Dina provides insights and stories on how complex and nuanced this therapy can be for people as well as the importance of approaching this treatment responsibly and within a safe container. They also discuss the legalities and accessibility of psychedelic therapy currently and where it’s likely moving forward into in the near future.   Dina Beer, LCSW RYT is a clinical psychotherapist and registered yoga teacher in private practice. She specialises in combining Internal Family Systems (IFS) with Somatic practices and is currently trained by Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies for MDMA-assisted therapy (MAPS). Dina is currently offering consultation and education about the risks, benefits and complexities of psychedelic therapy as well as prep and integration sessions. She is also conducting research/interviews with expanded states of consciousness.   See her website:   For more information about current research with Psychedelic Assisted therapy:   MAPS-Mulidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies   RELIEF IS HERE. Need help? Need Direction? Relief is here to help!  Call 718-431-9501 or email   Want to share the show with someone who doesn't have access to the internet or smartphones?     Our free call-in-to listen feature is here:  USA: 712-432-3489   UK: 0333-366-0154  ISRAEL: 079-579-5088   Subscribe to our show to join the journey.   Lchaim.

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