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My Personal Journey Surviving Sexual Abuse & Learning How To Heal (ft. Rabbi Avremi Zippel)

Rabbi Avremi Zippel was born in Toronto, Canada and moved to Salt Lake City with his parents, in July of 1992. He attended a Jewish High School in Chicago, and attended Rabbinical College in London, England. Avremi participated in Jewish outreach and humanitarian missions, in Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Wales, and numerous cities throughout the U.S. He was ordained at the Rabbinical College of America in Morristown, NJ by the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi I.M. Lau, in December of 2013. He married Sheina in January of 2014, and together they moved to Utah later that year, when they created Young Jewish Professionals Utah. They are the proud parents of two adorable little boys.   In February of 2019, Avremi publicly came forward about the decade of sexual abuse he had endured at the hands of a childhood caretaker.  He is believed to be the first Orthodox Rabbi to publicly speak out about sexual abuse in his past. Since then, Avremi has taken a leadership role in combating sexual abuse in religious communities around the world, and advocating for survivors. Avremi serves his community as the Crime Victim Representative on the Utah Council for Victims of Crime, a Legislative-appointed committee. His story has been shared in numerous formats, and he is a sought after lecturer and mentor to communities around the world.   As the Jewish community takes strides in child safety, it’s often easy to lose focus on the voices of the survivors, in an aim to minimize the access of the perpetrators.   In a one of a kind conversation, the Klestzicks sit down with Rabbi Avremi Zippel to discuss the journey of being a male survivor in the Frum community and the twists and turns along the way.   Need help? Need Direction? Relief is here to help! Call 718-431-9501 or email   Want to share the show with someone who doesn't have access to the internet or smartphones?   Our new and free call-in-to listen feature is here: USA: 712-432-3489 UK: 0333-366-0154 ISRAEL: 079-579-5088   Subscribe to our show to join the journey. Lchaim. To watch this interview, go to Living Lchaim's YouTube channel:

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