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The Arab Revolt, The White Paper and the Évian Conference

TFJ Season 2 Episode 20  The Arab Revolt, The White Paper and the Évian Conference With the rise of Jewish immigration to Palestine in the 1930s the Arabs lodged their protest with violence, attacks, murder and mayhem that became known as the Arab Revolt (1936-1939). In response to the revolt, famous appeaser Neville Chamberlin, far more interested in Arab oil than the plight of millions of desperate Jews whose lives were in imminent danger, issued The White Paper of 1939. This entailed a severe limitation of Jewish immigration to Palestine. Despite the fact that the White Paper stated that the future of Jewish immigration would be determined by the Arab majority and limited if not curtailed the ability of Jews to buy land, it was still rejected by Palestine Arabs led by Haj Amin al-Husseini.   With the number of Jewish refugees in Europe at catastrophic dimensions consequential to the Nazi rise to power in Germany and in Austria, the Évian Conference was convened to ease their plight. The conference was a fiasco never intending to be of any help, and in fact, gravely worsened their condition.

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