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TFJ Season 4 Episode 3 The Transformational IDF – An Interview with Rabbi Steven Weil (CEO of the FIDF)

One’s first association of the IDF is that of a mighty army that secures Israel’s borders and simultaneously prevents an Iranian hegemonic caliphate in the Middle East. But the IDF is very much also the platform and the wherewithal to enable Israelis – of every background – to live the Israeli dream.  The IDF presents an incredible educational opportunity for those who have been deprived of a high school education, or received weak schooling. The first priority for the scholarships are for minorities: Arabs, Druze or Christians. But even those who do not participate in the IDFs continuing education programs, are very much involved in a broader educational project that is the essence of the IDF. During their years of service, young men and women will transform from selfish takers absorbed with their phones, into mature, responsible adults who blossom into givers that are committed to each other for life. Learn more at Don’t forget to subscribe, like and share! Let all your friends know that that they too can have a new favorite podcast. © 2024 Media Education Trust llc

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