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TFJ Season 4 Episode 6 Why in the World Were the Soviets Adamant to see the State of Israel Established?

This is an excellent question and a full-fledged mystery that will not be fully answered in this episode. Teller From Jerusalem continues to explore the various steps that occurred in the evolution of the Soviet support for nascent Israel. It was beneficial to Israel that the Soviets arrested the work of Count Folke Bernadotte, the Swedish aristocrat that was appointed by the United Nations Secretary General to hammer out a temporary truce between Israel and her neighbors.  Bernadotte sought to achieve far more than just a temporary truce. He foisted terms upon Israel, when she was already winning the war, which would have deprived her of much of what she had achieved at the very greatest sacrifice. This was going to cost him his life at the hands of Israel’s underground and embroil Israel in international censure resulting in Ben Gurion declaring war upon any defense force that was not part of the Haganah. Learn more at Don’t forget to subscribe, like and share! Let all your friends know that that they too can have a new favorite podcast. © 2024 Media Education Trust llc

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