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TFJ Season 2 Episode 38 The threats Israel faces from the Shia World with Rabbi Steven Weil

As Israel valiantly fights an existential battle against Hamas in Gaza, it is painfully aware that Hamas is but one of Iran’s Shia proxies looking to spread the Islamic revolution. Rabbi Steven Weil, CEO of Friends of the IDF and former pulpit rabbi and the director of the Orthodox Union, joins Teller From Jerusalem to share his wisdom and insight regarding the frightening threats Israel must cope with and be prepared for. Although the Shia are the minority in the Islamic world, they pack enormous weight through their proxies directed by the IRCG. Be it the Houthis in Yemen, Shia militia in Syria, Judea and Samaria (the West Bank), the terrorist groups in Gaza and the most heavily armed proxy with the most sophisticated weaponry, the Hezbollah in Lebanon, all are at the beck and call of Iran to eliminate any country or force opposed to the hegemonic caliphate that they are determined to establish. Learn more at Don’t forget to subscribe, like and share! Let all your friends know that that they too can have a new favorite podcast. © 2024 Media Education Trust llc

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