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TFJ Season 2 Episode 35 Tribute to Rabbi Yehuda Kelemer (A)

The Young Israel of West Hempstead burgeoned to a community of 750 families under the dynamic leadership of Rabbi Yehuda Kelemer of blessed memory. Referred to as the “Rabbi’s Rabbi,” this title does no justice to the overwhelming impact that he had upon anyone he encountered. It wasn’t charisma, and it certainly wasn’t hip coolness; it was the rarest blend of mastery of every facet of Torah, exquisite sensitivity, and how a God-fearing individual must consistently conduct themselves. Anyone who required assistance, whether it was requested or not (usually the latter) was blessed by Rabbi Kelemer taking them under his wing, making them feel honorable and important. The Rabbi had a very liberal ‑ nigh incomprehensible ‑ interpretation of assistance. With never a thought for his personal comfort or dignity, no obstacle could prevent his treasured and cherished uplifting intervention.  Because of his Torah scholarship recognized by the world’s most prominent roshei yeshivah, dynamic leadership, and extraordinary care for everyone, the Young Israel of West Hempstead where he was the Mara D’asra swelled to a membership of 750 families. Young and old, disaffected youth, ardent secularists and yeshivah graduates revered Rabbi Kelemer and lovingly heeded his counsel. Listen to some of the amazing stories concerning one of this generation’s most noble rabbis.

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