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TFJ Season 2 Episode 36 The Dynamic Arab Leader, Abdel Kader al-Husseini, Was Eliminated Early in the War of Independence; His Family’s Commitment to Terror Lives On

Despite the embargo on armaments to Israel, the Israelis figured out daring ways to smuggle in weapons. The arrival of these munitions enabled the Hagana to attempt to break the stranglehold on Jerusalem. The all important site overlooking the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway was Kastel and the Arabs under the command of their most dynamic leader, Abdel Kader al-Husseini, drove the Jews out. But not before a Hagana gunner eliminated Husseini, seriously crippling Arab leadership. Abdel Kader al-Husseini’s cousin was the Nazi mufti of Jerusalem, accurately portrayed in TFJ Season I episode 33. Haj Amin al-Husseini spared no efforts to exterminate the Jews in Israel and elsewhere, inflaming Arab passions with the fiction that the Jews were taking over Al Aksa. This false rumor invariably led to pogroms, mass murder, mayhem, looting and destruction. The family tradition was carried on with the Mufti’s nephew, arch terrorist, Yasser Arafat. Their lies, incitement and methodology continue with Hamas today. Learn more at Don’t forget to subscribe, like and share! Let all your friends know that that they too can have a new favorite podcast. © 2023 Media Education Trust llc

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