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EXODUS-1947: The Ship, the Book, the Movie, the Reality

TFJ: Special Episode! The Haganah launched a floating underground railroad to bring immigrants into Israel after the conclusion of WW II. The British enforced their White Paper which forbade Jewish immigration to Palestine, so Holocaust survivors who were caught trying to run the blockade were incarcerated under cruel conditions in Cyprus. In a daring move, the Haganah retrofitted an old steam liner packing it with over 5000 Jews that were languishing in DP camps and sailed to Israel in the summer of 1947. His Majesty’s Navy attacked the boat, renamed the Exodus, killing and wounding passengers. The survivors were not sent to nearby Cyprus, but to the belly of the beast they had just barely escaped, Germany. The harshness and the heartlessness of the British was a media headline causing sympathy for the Zionist cause and would ultimately be an inspiration to Soviet Jewry. Edited and Produced by Alex Drucker  Learn more at  Don't forget to subscribe, like and share! Let all your friends know they too can have a new favorite podcast.  © 2022 Media Education Trust llc

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