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Everything you need to know about children’s flu vaccinations with Dr Zoe Williams

In this bonus episode of The Netmums Podcast, host Jennifer Howze and Netmums Social Media Editor Alison Perry talk with popular TV doc GP Dr Zoe Williams and learn the surprising facts about the flu vaccine and a hack for treating it at home. Dr Zoe, mum to a toddler and currently one of the resident GPs on ITV’s popular daytime show This Morning, has also presented on BBC’s The One Show, Horizon and Trust Me I’m a Doctor. Zoe reveals why you should be getting your kids vaccinated against flu, why you don’t have to worry about needles when vaccinating your toddler, who can get the vaccination for free – and even a tip about treating flu at home that surprised Jennifer and Alison and may be new to you too!  Listen to all that, plus learn how easy it is to book your child’s flu vaccination and what to expect on the day.

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