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Solo parenting, reality TV, and writing for kids with Lydia Bright

"I almost think that when you become a single mum, you become part of this club." This week on The Netmums Podcast, Wendy and Alison are joined by the effervescent (and very chatty!) Lydia Bright, who has journeyed from reality TV fame on 'The Only Way Is Essex' to the challenges and triumphs of solo motherhood. Lydia opens up about the unexpected support she found in the single mum community and how it empowered her through her challenging pregnancy with her daughter, Loretta. Lydia reflects on the preconceptions of motherhood versus the reality, sharing her experiences of juggling work and parenting, and the importance of showing the raw, unfiltered side of life as a single mum on social media. She also delves into her latest venture, authoring the children's book 'Mummy and Me,' discussing the significance of representation in children's literature and the value of inclusive storytelling. As Lydia contemplates the future, she talks candidly about the prospect of dating, the importance of laughter and chemistry in a relationship, and how she plans to navigate introducing someone new into her tight-knit duo with Loretta. Laughter and life lessons go hand in hand in this conversation, as Lydia, Wendy & Alison celebrate the strength, resilience, and joy of single parenting.

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