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Ashley Blaker Unwrapped: Juggling Six Kids, Comedy, and Neurodiversity

Parenting is a journey with its own set of challenges. But when you add special educational needs into the mix, that journey takes a unique turn. This week on The Netmums Podcast, Wendy Gollage and Alison Perry are joined by comedy writer and producer Ashley Blaker, a father of six, three of whom have special educational needs. Ashley is not only a parent navigating this complex world but also the author of the book "Normal Schnormal" and is currently touring the UK with his show of the same name. Ashley opens up about the unconventional path that led him to adopt his daughter with Down Syndrome, the rigorous and sometimes bizarre adoption assessment process, and the joys and trials of raising neurodiverse children. From the innocence of his teenage daughter to the challenges of playdates and school systems, Ashley’s candid and often humorous insights offer a refreshing perspective on parenting SEND children. Stay connected with Netmums for more parenting tips, community support, engaging content: Website: / Instagram: @netmums 

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