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Zara McDermott: Navigating the impact of social media on our kids

“No snowflake thinks they’ve caused the avalanche”. This episode of the Netmums Podcast dives into mental health, online culture, and finding balance in the avalanche of social media. Wendy Gollage and Alison Perry welcome Zara McDermott, a media personality and documentary maker, to discuss the digital age's impact on our children and society. From the startling statistic that a quarter of five to seven-year-olds now own smartphones, to exploring the darker side of internet sleuths and the spread of fake news, this conversation delves into the complexities of parenting in today’s tech-savvy world.  Zara also shares her personal experiences with revenge porn and the effects of body image pressures post-Love Island. Plus, get an inside look at her new clothing brand, Rise which recently launched in Tesco stores.  Stay connected with Netmums for more parenting tips, community support, engaging content: Website: / Instagram: @netmums 

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