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Jenni Falconer on Marathons and Motherhood

In this week's episode of the Netmums Podcast, Wendy Gollage and Alison Perry tackle the the quest for balance between parenting and personal health with Jenni Falconer. Broadcaster, running enthusiast, podcaster and author of "Runners High," Jenni shares the transformative power of running on both body and mind. This episode covers Jenni’s marathon experiences, the challenges of juggling fitness with motherhood, and the surprising ways running has shaped her life.  Jenni’s journey is as inspiring as it is relatable. She also dives into the world of health supplements, revealing her own venture, Kollo Health, and the wonders of marine liquid collagen for anyone over 25. As a working mum, she offers a glimpse into her family dynamics, the division of chores with her husband, and navigating the preteen years with her daughter. Whether you're a seasoned runner or someone considering your first jog, grab a copper (or lace up your trainers!) and press play for a conversation that celebrates parenting,  the highs of running, and the importance of self-care. Follow Jenni at @jennifalconer, order her book ‘Runner’s High’ here:, and check out Jenni’s podcast RunPod. Stay connected with Netmums for more parenting tips, community support, engaging content: Website: / Instagram: @netmums 

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