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Liz Earle on thriving in midlife: Empowering women to prioritise health & self care

Wendy Golledge and Alison Perry sit down with the remarkable Liz Earle, a true beacon in the wellness industry with over three decades of experience. Liz, a (now Sunday Times) best-selling author, TV presenter, and podcast host, dives deep into the transformative journey of midlife, discussing her latest triumph, 'A Better Second Half'.  Liz's message is clear: embrace pro-aging, find your purpose, and seize the joy in every moment. Liz's candid conversation sheds light on the often overlooked and marginalised world of women's health in midlife, offering a treasure trove of evidence-based techniques and wisdom to thrive, not just survive. From debunking myths to embracing the ageing process, Liz advocates for self-care as a non-negotiable priority and shares her personal anecdotes, including the surprise of her 'autumn leaf' baby at 47. She also touches on the profound impact of honest conversations about our health and the importance of smashing taboos, particularly around ageing and menopause. Liz's refreshing perspective is a call to action for women to reclaim their health and vitality, armed with simple yet life-altering daily habits and routines. Listen for practical tips for a better start and end to your day, and make your second half of life your best yet. Stay connected with Netmums for more parenting tips, community support, engaging content: Website: / Instagram: @netmums 

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