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Heidi Skudder: Unravelling the Mysteries of Baby Sleep

This episode of the Netmums Podcast is brought to you by Johnson's Baby, the family favourite brand that's gentle on babys’ skin.  In this episode of The Netmums Podcast, hosts Wendy Golledge and Alison Perry delve into the often-exhausting world of baby sleep with the award-winning parenting and baby sleep expert, Heidi Skudder. With a wealth of experience as a former nanny, maternity nurse, and mother, Heidi has been the guiding light for countless parents, including celebrities like Perry Edwards and Stacey Solomon. She brings her expertise to the podcast, discussing the often-misunderstood topics of colic, tongue-tie, silent reflux, and the impact of diet on a baby's sleep. Heidi also sheds light on the importance of the fourth trimester, advocating for post-birth recovery and the need to slow down in those early weeks. She offers reassurance to parents; don’t worry - you cannot spoil a baby with cuddles!  Heidi's new book, 'Your Positive Baby Sleep Book,' is full of wisdom for any parent seeking guidance.  Stay connected with Netmums for more parenting tips, community support, engaging content: Website: / Instagram: @netmums 

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