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7. Quinton Jacobs

If you search for the word “community” in the dictionary, you’ll likely find a picture of Quinton Jacobs and his captivating smile. Q, as his friends call him, is a community builder, a connector, and advocate for promoting the health and wellness of children in the Greater Toronto Area. In this episode, Q opens up about his life growing up in subsidized housing and later on becoming a father with three kids. We’ll then discuss how a difficult time in his life changed his perspective and ignited a passion to help others. Q also shares his approach to working with charities and brands and the time he convinced a bunch of runners to run from Toronto to NYC! Q’s impact on the running community can be seen in the many programs he started or supports, but it’s even more evident in the faces of the children he coaches to run. It was a real privilege speaking with Q and we couldn’t help feeling inspired throughout the episode! To learn more about the work Q is doing in the community, please visit the following links: Kickback Connect - Start2Finish - Lead Up Run Crew - You can also follow Q’s personal journey at: Thanks for listening to this episode! André and Jonathan

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