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51. Jay Crews on Fitness Photography and Social Media

"I’m very happy that I personally work in an industry of photo that’s all about movement, because I think that movement is something that iPhones haven’t really got to yet. You have burst mode on your phone, stuff like that, but actually really capturing a strong photo of a very quick movement is something phones really haven’t mastered yet.” - Jay Crews There’s no question platforms like Instagram and Facebook have transformed how we create and share content and how brands leverage content in marketing and advertising. In this episode, we chat with Jay Crews, a commercial photographer who works with brands like Lululemon, Saucony Canada, and Bauer Hockey to name a few. We discuss her decision to pursue a career as a photographer and how her active lifestyle led to her becoming one of the most sought after photographers for active brands! Jay also shares her thoughts on how smartphones have disrupted the commercial photography space and how it impacts how brands approach content creation.  To learn more about Jay, you can follow her on Instagram at: @jaycrewsphotography Follow The Longest Stride: Instagram - @TheLongestStride Twitter - @Longest_Stride

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